Friday, 7 February 2014

BWC Photographic Competition: Overall Winner

Congratulations to George Wheelhouse for winning our BWC Photo Competition for 2013. His amazing close up of a water vole, seen above, was picked as our favourite out of the over 500 images entered over the course of last year.

Professional wildlife photographer, Danny Green, highlighted this image in our Animal Portrait category by saying "Great portrait of a very endearing mammal and I love the symmetry of the image."

Head Keeper and resident BWC photographer, Matt Binstead, added to this saying "What a fantastic photograph! It is difficult to photograph our water voles well, and this close crop adds to the impact. The symmetry and composition radiating out from the lower third makes this a truly stunning picture of one of Britain's most loved mammals!"

Congratulations once again to George Wheelhouse, who wins an exclusive photographic day here with our Head Keeper. To see more of George's photographic work, head on over to his website at

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