Thursday, 27 November 2014

Wildcats on the Move

Earlier this week saw us say goodbye to our remaining three wildcat kittens bred here last year! It is always sad to see animals we have cared for and built a bond with leave, but this is exciting for wildcat conservation!

Cormac, Glen and Heather, born in the Spring of 2013, have been amazing ambassadors for wildcats and are now moving on to play a vital role in the future of wildcat releases back to Scotland. They have been collected by the New Forest Wildlife Park, where within the next few weeks they will be relocated along with others to an area in Scotland for the initial phase of the programme.

We will miss their acrobatics, as I am sure you will too, but wish them good luck for the future. I will bring you news as and when I can on how they and the plans are going.

This of course means our first wildcat enclosure is now vacant, and so will see us have a move around of cats in the coming week to allow both pairs to be in the main wildcat pens. This may also mean a return to keeper talk duty for MacTavish... Good luck to whichever keeper is going to do that... Just remember to wear thick boots!

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