Monday, 15 December 2014

Bwc Photo Comp 2014 Shortlist "Animals in motion"

Monday equals another shortlist to be announced, and we are now getting to the three categories which are always most entered every year. Motion, habitat and portrait! Today sees the ten shortlisted photos for "Animals in motion"

This year Professional Wildlife Photographer David Llyod will be selecting his favourites to win each category. Head over to his website, linked in his name, to see some amazing wildlife photography, but only after you have seen the photos below :-) 

David runs workshops here at the BWC, but is perhaps better known for his African wildlife photographs and inspiring black and whites. He currently has a book out "As long as there are animals" check it out if you can!

So here it is...

BWC Photo Comp Shortlist "ANIMALS IN MOTION"

Barn owl - Bob Matthews

The rut begins - Bobs Photography

Red Squirrel - Clair Wright

Otter - David Nunn

Open wide - Gary Manktelow

Wildcats - Joyce Flower

Otters playing - Peter Karry

Flo Running - Thomas Gentle

Owl - Tim Dawes

Flo - Zena Saunders

As always, remember you can click on the photographs themselves to bring them up slightly larger for you to view.

A few new arrivals to the Centre being announced over the next two weeks, and of course the next competition shortlist will be out next Monday!

Good luck!

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