Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to you all from the British Wildlife Centre... Thank you for all your support over the year for the blog and the work we do at the BWC.

Lots coming up over the turn of the year, and early in to 2015... the last photographic category shortlist to be announced, highland cows moving to the reserve, the new pine martens being put on display and something not directly related to the BWC and what we do, but something many of you may wish to follow being keen photographers... more news on that and everything else as the time comes.

Have a good Christmas everyone, and don't forget we are open from the 27th of December for a  week if you wish to come and get away from the family for a bit, or walk off your Christmas dinner!

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  1. Happy Christmas to you Matt - and everyone at the BWC.


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