Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Polecat Update

A little while a go now we welcomed two new pairs of polecat to the Centre. Billy and Roxie are an unproven breeding pair, and were placed on display straight away... they had been living together for some time.

Our other new pair, Whitstable and Oriel, had yet to live together . They have been off display since they arrived last month, but a couple of weeks ago we slowly introduced them to each other and have now moved them on display. They have been moved in to the main enclosure up by our badgers and snakes, and we have moved Billy and Roxie in to one of our Hedgerow enclosures.

Whitstable, pictured and the top, and Oriel, just above, have settled down really well. Whitstable has been out for the public since day one in his new home, but it has taken Oriel a little longer to get used to people being around... still, now she is out and about most afternoons too.

The males are always bigger than the females, and this is very obvious with these two... Whitstable is a big lad! They are both last years kits, and we are hopeful they will becoming a breeding pair for us here to continue the work we help with in breeding polecats.

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  1. lovely! thank you for this update- really hope to come and visit you soon!


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