Thursday, 11 February 2016

January 2016: Photo of the Month

"Red Squirrel in the Snow" by Christine Sweet

February is well underway, and I keep getting asked if we are still going to be choosing a "Photo of the Month" for this year. Well, I think I will be... it seem the photo competition will not be running once again this year, and so to keep sharing photos and keep a gallery going in our coffee shop there will be a 2016; Photo of the Month!

This year I may well share a couple of images each month, as there is always so many to choose from, and then have one of those selected for our gallery next year and a chance to win a photographic day here at the Centre. So I guess we better start with January!, and as you can probably guess we a had a lovely selection of snowy images taken during that brief spell of light snow earlier this month. 

Of these I have chosen the photo above, taken by Chris Sweet, of one of our red squirrels in the snow as our January photo of the month. This is a beautiful photo making the most of the light snow, and in a natural setting. The greens and whites really make the squirrel stand out, and the snow is crisp and clear. I really like the way Chris has captured the snow on the squirrels whiskers, and love the droplet of melting snow on the forehead. Great eye contact from this iconic mammal helps make this my photo of the month. Well done Chris!

Chris's photo will be on display in our gallery next year, and she will have the chance to win a photographic day here at the Centre if selected at the end of the year by a professional photographer. 

"Otter in the Snow" by Gary K Mann

We had a lot of cracking snow shots shared over the past month, including these two close ups taken by Gary K Mann.

"Fox in the Snow" by Gary K Mann

Both the Elwood the otter and Flo the fox seemed to enjoy the snow, and Gary has really managed to capture the setting that day and make it look like there was a lot more snow here than there actually was.

"Squirrel in the Snow" by Phil Jennings

But it was the squirrels which were the stars of the day. They really made the most of the snow, and provided some great opportunities for the few photographers that decided to venture out in the cold to see us. One of who was Phil Jennings who took this fabulous portrait of one of our squirrels!

As before, click on the names of the photographers to see more of their work.


  1. Where do we need to share our pictures for them to be considered for photo of the month?

    1. Hello Helen,

      The short answer is anywhere on the internet we might see them. It is a very laid back 'competition' for want of a better word.

      The main social sites we look at for photography are our groups on flickr (linked in the side bar) and 500px. #britishwildlifecentre on instagram is beginning to be quite popular too, as is sharing images with us on twitter @bwctweets.

      Of course, if you would rather not do any of these and want to guarantee we see a photograph you are particularly proud of then you can always email it to us at



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