Monday, 21 March 2016

Buster 's Bachelor Pad

Our young otter, Buster, has been moved in to his new home in the middle otter pond at the Centre. It is a shame to separate him from his parents, especially Dad Elwood, as they often played with each other and chased each other in fun around the pond and through the water. But the time has come for him to become a fully independent otter!

He will likely take a little while to settle in his new surroundings, but I am sure he will be out as normal by the time Easter weekend arrives. In the meantime this gives Emmy and Elmwood more room in the main pond, and I would be surprised if they didn't have more cubs later in the year.

You may remember we welcomed a new polecat, Cassie, to the Centre a couple of months a go? Well she has now been introduced to Billy. Fingers crossed for polecat kits from both our pairs come the summer.

In fact this could be a good year for cubs and kits. With our wildcats paired up as well, the usual deer and small mammals and possibly even some more owlets in a few months. Any news will be posted here.

As well as some animals being moved to new homes, our mice and voles will be moving back to their old homes. For the past couple of weeks their enclosures have had some maintenance work done to endure they are secure. This meant temporary accommodation for some of our smaller mammals... but they will be back in their new homes by the end of the week!

Don't forget this coming weekend is Easter weekend, and so we will be open to the public from Good Friday and for the following two weeks.


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