Monday, 25 April 2016

Dormouse Breeding Group

Our last post we talked about our first harvest mice reintroduction for the 2016 season. Well now I would like to bring you news of our common dormice breeding programme.

The BWC is part of the Common Dormice Captive Breeding Group (CDCBG). This group is responsible for the breeding of dormice for eventual release back out in to the wild. A couple of weeks a go we had our annual meet, where all things dormice were discussed, and any youngsters from last year were collected to be prepared for there release later this year.

After a short spell in quarantine, these little ones... along with many others bred across the group, will make their way to the wild.

You can see our breeding dormice pens opposite our snake enclosures, along with lots of information about these amazing little mammals. But are unlikely to see the dormice themselves... they are extremely nocturnal. You can however see our educational dormice in our nocturnal house! In here we have reversed the day and night around, so that they are active during our day.

I am pleased to say ours are now out of hibernation, and have been spotted regularly out eating over the last couple of weekends!

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