Saturday, 30 July 2016

Pine Martens

Things have been pretty busy here the past week or so, lots of new youngsters around, the beginning of our summer opening period, and getting ready for our Countryfile Live presentation next week. (More on that later).

So I was thinking, what can I share with you on this blog, then I realised... I hadn't put up a picture of a pine marten for, ooh... at least two weeks :-)

It is that time of year of course where we put our pine martens together for mating. Once again we have introduced Bonnie and Clyde, once again they been seen (and heard!) mating over the past few weeks, and once again we now have the long wait of delayed implantation to see if it has been successful.

Fingers crossed as always, although this pair never have produced a litter, getting them together and mating is successful in it's own right with how territorial an aggressive they are with each other.

Next year we will have two pairs to try with. Bonnie and Clyde of course, and our newer pine martens Drogo and Danaerys who will both be at that age where we can start thinking of mating them.


  1. HI Matt,

    Beautiful pictures and fascinating reading.

    I'm the General Manager of the London Wetland Centre in Barnes. It would be great to bring some of my team down to see what you do and see if there is any way that we could work together. If that would be of interest please give me a call at the Centre or drop me an email at

    1. Hello David,

      I am off site for a couple of days, but will email you over the weekend. More than welcome for your team to come and see us, and happy for us to work with each other if it helps us both out.



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