Tuesday, 2 August 2016

July 2016: Photo of the Month

"Harvest Mouse" by John Phillips

July has come and gone all too soon, but we have had a lot of highlights... perhaps mainly our Members Evening which was enjoyed by many. As in the past, the stand out stars of the night were our harvest mice. Entertaining while we talked about them, and posing while you photographed them. With their success, it only fair that they take the slot for our July's photo of the month. I have shared a few here, but it is the photo above that will take a place in our gallery next year, and be in with the chance of winning a photographic day here at the Centre. 

John Phillips has made the most of this opportunity to take a cracking shot of one of our harvest mice. We set them up beautifully on natural props, but it is by no means easy to capture them in a nice pose as they are always on the move. Couple this with other people and distractions in the background John has done extremely well to isolate the mouse allowing him to really stand out. The mouse eating adds a little something to it, and is different to the many poses we normally see. Well done John. 

Have a look at some more fantastic photos taken of our harvest mice down below, and as always click on the names to see more great photos by the photographers. 

"Who you looking at?" by Christine Sweet

"Harvest Mouse" by Helen Haden

"Harvest Mouse" by Karen Jones

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  1. It was a good little poser that evening, I was pleased with my shots of it.


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