Tuesday, 6 September 2016

August 2016: Photo of the month

"Tawny Owl" by Mark Thomas

Summer has come and gone, and we are back to normal with school groups and photographic groups during the week... open to the public at weekends. You certainly made the most of the 6 open weeks we have just had though, lots of visitors came to see us, and many of you with cameras! It has been a joy looking through all the photographs shared this past month.

In the end I picked a trio of images from flickr, and of these have selected the photo of a tawny owl above, taken by Mark Thomas, as our photo of the month.

Mark Thomas's photograph really stood out when looking through the many shared this past month. Not only for it being one of the very few black and white images, but for the very distinct style Mark seems to have used. Some beautiful editing and stunning contrasts have allowed "Aluco" the tawny owl to really pop out , and I love the way the texture and detail in the branch adds to the overall picture. This was also taken of one of our owls in their aviary, showing the photographic potential of these enclosures if you know how to work it. Great portrait Mark!

To see more of Mark's photographs, and I really recommend you do if you like his style above, then follow the link in his name to his flickr stream.

"Red Squirrel" by Steve Liptrot

Over the summer opening, our squirrels have been on top form. Greeting many a visitor, and being quite nosey. Steve took a lovely picture of one of them, look at the great eye contact!

"Grass Snake" by Bob Howell

And a rare sight, our grass snake Gerald. He must of heard the rumours from some of our more frequent visitors that they didn't believe there was a snake in the enclosure, as for the last few weeks he has been a star! Out and about a lot, the tree begin one of his favourite resting places.

Lots of good photos caught him out, including this fantastic one by Bob go him up a tree with his tongue out.

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