Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Long-eared Owl chicks

After a bumper Spring and Summer in terms of new life, let's update you all on some of the animals we have bred here this year... and let us start with our two new long-eared owl chicks.

Earlier this year our pair of owls had two chicks. Keepers Meg and Tom had the envious task of rearing and training them. Taking them from about 3 weeks old when they were still little balls of fluff, they have now fully grown and matured in to the beautiful owls you see above.

They had their first official photo shoot the other evening, and both took to it very well. Above is "Leo" who was reared by Meg.

And this is "Percy", having been reared by Tom. Percy has just started his flying lessons, and has got off to a good start. He will make his first appearance in the display this coming weekend, and it will be his first flights in front of a crowd... so we will keep it slow and steady until his confidence builds. 

Then in a few weeks time he will be a pro, just like Leo above. Leo has been in flying training over the summer and is already a staple in our owl display.

We will update you on some of our other youngsters in the coming weeks.

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