Sunday, 10 September 2017

Red Squirrels to Caldey Island

We have had another successful year with our red squirrels this year, several litters of kittens born in our off display pens and at our other holders sites. As with all out kittens, we redistribute them around our breeding group, and then look at the possibility of re-introducing them out in to the wild.

This year we have several kittens that can be sent to the wild, and as with our previous releases, we are continuing with the idea of introducing them to islands where there are no grey squirrels to affect them.

Last week we sent a dozen squirrels over to Caldey Island in Pembrokeshire. These, along with a few others from previous years, we are hoping will settle and mimic the success we have had on other islands such as Tresco.

So far so good, and hopefully we will be able to share with you news of how they are doing over the winter.


  1. Thrilled to read about this project, and hoping the squirrels will thrive in their beautiful new home. Will definitely be taking a trip to Caldey on our next visit to Tenby to look out for them!

  2. Is there enough suitable habitat on Caldey to sustain a viable red squirrel population?

    1. Hello Charles,

      With help, yes we think so... These squirrels will be wild living on the island, but they will be getting help through supplementary feeding etc. Think of the island as a very large natural enclosure.


  3. Hi Matt
    Greetings from Mersea Island Red Squirrels. Sadly we lost a few of yours early on but the others have joined our reds from Pensthorpe and are thriving and breeding well. We now estimate a minimum of 50+, possibly a lot more.
    Best wishes. Richard Taylor


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