Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Adders Awaken

"Adder" by Bobs Macklow-Smith

Spring has sprung,
The adders have ris,
I wonder where my camera is...

At home unfortunately, but luckily for us, when the adders where seen out at the weekend, Bobs managed to take some great photos.

"Adder" by Bobs Macklow-Smith

The adders emerging from their winter brumation is always one of the things that makes me think, spring is on it's way. On Sunday, one of the males was seen up and about, this was the first sighting of the year, and he looked pretty good after his long sleep.

Since then, over the past couple of days, both the males have been seen up. The males usually stir first, with the females a few weeks after.

"Adder" by Bobs Macklow-Smith

They will soon shed, and then the mating season will soon be on us. This is when the males will begin to perform their "dance" while competing for the females.

Thanks to Bobs for these great close-up photos, and to see more of her adder pics... as well as many more of our animals here, follow the link in her name under the pictures above to go to Bobs flickr page.

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