Sunday, 24 June 2018

Owlet Update

This year's owlets are all doing very well. The long eareds are thriving in their new homes, the little owls are... well, still little, but pretty much fully feathered now and often seen out and about while we are open to the public, but it is the tawny owls and barn owl that are showing most change.

The two tawny owls have really come on leaps and bounds from when they started, and are now housed in "Hedwig" the snowy owls old enclosure. This means they are on view to the public while we are open, and they have been a huge hit!

You can see how much they have changed in the photos above, and they are quite at home in front of the public. They have started their flying training already, and I am sure will be a full part of the flying team by the end of the summer.

Floki, our barn owl chick, has perhaps changed the most. From an ugly ball of fluff, he turned in to a slightly less ugly ball of fluff above. From this he has now developed his heart shaped face, but still a ball of fluff otherwise below.

They change and develop so fast, only a matter of weeks from hatching to looking like adults. Once fully grown it will be great to share photos through the whole growing/changing phase.

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