Monday, 2 July 2018

Reserve Releases

Our reserve releases continue this year, with us breeding and releasing both harvest mice and water voles out on to our nature reserve.

Having established some harvest mice further down in to our reserve, we have come back closer to the boardwalk this year to boost numbers there. So far they are settling in well in the reeds, including this little one above exploring his new home.

The harvest mice are very shy and elusive, and will be difficult to spot, but keep your eyes open while walking around the wetland walk as you never know!

Our water voles will be a little easier to spot, or at least hear, as you hear a little "plop" in to the water as you walk nearby and one jumps off the bank. We have had a couple spotted in recent weeks, and last week we set up our soft release pens with new families of water voles ready for release later this summer.

You may well see them scurrying about in some of these pens which are visible from the boardwalk, and we have several other further in to the reserve too.

If you spot either any of our wild harvest mice or water voles while down there, do let us know... it is always nice to hear.


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