Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Photo of the Month: December 2018

"Red Squirrel" by Duncan Penfold

Let's round up last year's photos of the month by sharing December's image with you. Our quietest month saw lot's of red squirrel and otter photographs shared. Unsurprisingly with our otters, and our lovely two little cubs we have, but a little more surprising with our squirrels while they are currently temporarily shut in their holding pens. This didn't stop many of you though, and December's chosen photo is this one above by Duncan Penfold of a red squirrel sat beautifully in the light on top of his nest box.

Duncan's photo will be on display in our coffee shop gallery this year, and he will be in with a chance to win our photographic day here at the Centre if chosen by our professional judge.

With this in mind, this year I am pleased to say the judge will be Sean Weekly. Sean is a professional wildlife and wedding photographer, a close friend of the Centre and an all round great bloke! With wildlife in mind Sean is one of the guides for Nature Lens photography workshops. His photos truly are stunning and inspirational. Have a look at this link to see some of his wildlife work.

To see a few more of our visitors photos from last month, have a look below.

"Red Squirrel" by Keith Duke

"Otter family" by Paul Stuart

"Otter cub with mum" by Claire Hilton


  1. Hi Matt. Did mine get picked up via Instagram? Never used it before but opened an account so that I could enter following my visit on 30th December. May not have been good enough but curious to know if I did it correctly anyway!

    1. Hi Jo. We tend to see photos from all over. Flickr and Instagram tend to be the more popular places, but many are emailed in or tagged on Facebook. Matt


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