Friday, 25 October 2019

Fallow Rut

This past week has seen a lot of action with our deer rutting. The reds have slowed down, but our fallow are beginning to warm up. Above is a short video clip catching the end of the action after a good 15 minute bout.

Our two bucks are fairly evenly matched this year. Norman, the white buck, has been the lead for the last few years but the challenger, Vinny, is really going for it and trying to become the master buck.

Early signs are that he will prevail! He has the does rounded up, and is currently successfully keeping Norman away.

A lot of "barking" and strutting around the park, he is putting on a great exhibition.

He really does look shattered though, and maybe he has timed it a little too early. Norman with his experience may well still come in and take control once Vinny has worn himself out. Time will tell.

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