Saturday, 12 December 2009


Wednesday the 2nd of December this year we introduced our 2 young fox cubs, Luna and Flo, to Frodo inside the Barn section of the enclosure. The introduction went well and we seperated them again for the night. After another successful introduction the following day we decided to leave them in overnight and see how they settled down. Again the following morning they seemed fine, all curled up together... it seemed Luna was becoming rather dominant and even keeping Frodo at bay for first pickings of the food.

We finally introduced them together for the last time last Sunday in front of the Countryfile cameras and then left them together overnight before letting them out into the outside enclosure the following morning. Luna has recieved a small bite wound to her neck which is probably from Frodo re-establishing himself as the Master Dog, but it is superficial and they all seem very happy together.

Luna relaxing under the Gorse in her new home

Flo exploring the outside part of her enclosure
Flo in particular is a real handful and doesnt seem to stop moving! I think she will be a real challenge to you photographers out there to get a nice photo of her.


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