Saturday, 27 February 2010

Otter cubs moving on

Today's the day I have to try and catch up our three otter cubs Stirling and Thistle successfully reared last year. They have been a huge success with our visitors and members but unfortunately limited space meant we had to find them a new home. This does of course mean though that there is now space for our breeding pair to have another litter this year, which i am sure they will.

The 2 female otters are going down to a centre in Cornwall where they will be housed on a large lake similar to what they are used to here.

The male cub is going to an otter sanctuary in Cornwall to help with their breeding programme. In exchange for him we will be bringing back an older male which will be paired up with Lilly in our middle pond.

All in the same journey we are also saying goodbye to our fox cub Luna and wildcat Heather (pictured above.) They are both going to the same Centre as the two female otter cubs where they will be doing what they do best. Being photographic subjects for workshops, very much like they did here.

Luna did not mix in well with our original fox family, and Heather has been moved on to create space for our new kittens which we hope will breed next, if not this year.

While in Cornwall we are collecting a pair of Long-Eared Owls. Not many Centres display this British owl, and I will bring you more news of them during the middle of next week.


  1. Hi. Can you tell me which centre in Cornwall they're going to? Just that I'll be in the area next month, and might take the opportunity to drop by.

  2. Hi Craig,

    Male otter went to Tamar Otter Sanctuary in Cornwall. 2 female cubs, Luna and Heather went to Derrick Gow Consultancy Ltd.

    HK BWC

  3. Thanks Matt. I'll certainly be passing by Launceston, so I see if I can drop by!


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