Thursday, 10 March 2011

Adders emerge

"Dance of the Adders" - © Matt Binstead

Finally a little bit of sun has blessed the Centre this year. Temperatures have been up, and some of our more scaly residents have started to emerge from their Winter brumation.

Here in the UK we have 6 species of reptile recognised as living in the wild today. The grass snake, smooth snake, adder, sand lizard, common lizard and slow-worm. Of these we currently house 3, but plans are underway to build new reptile pits around our nature reserve boardwalk to house all 6 species separately.

Other lizards, such as the wall lizard and green lizard, are found in some areas of the UK but are yet to be fully recognised.

The 1st of our reptiles to emerge this year were the adders, first seen on the 24th of February and since having been seen warming up in the little morning sun we have had over the last few days. We have been lucky in the last few years to see our adders "dance", and we hope they will continue to do so this year.

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