Thursday, 3 March 2011

New Enclosure

Those of you that have visited us so far this year will have noticed our new enclosure. Built where we used to have our red squirrels, we are hoping this new pen will be home to pine marten kitts.

Many of you will know we have our fingers crossed this year that Bonnie will produce a litter of kitts. If everything goes well the plan is for them to eventually live in this new enclosure. Being as large as it is will allow us to get in there with them and keep them friendly, allowing for some fantastic photographic opportunities as well as using them for film and schools. Of course, if Bonnie does not produce, then the pen has been thought out as an ideal photographic area to allow photographers access to some of the other animals we will have this year... badger cubs, fox cubs etc etc

In the mean time it may well be used for our wildcat kittens before they go to their new homes.

The pen still needs to be painted to allow the wire to "disappear" to the eye, and we are currently adding bark chip and setups to the enclosure. The final touch will be a grass meadow mix to give it some life and some nice flowers in which pathways will be created for photographers to use.

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  1. I will look forward to the grand opening no matter what you put in it.


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