Monday, 21 March 2011

Fox cub, "Snoop", arrives at the BWC

Over the weekend we received a call from someone over at the Chetney Marshes about a fox cub they had found. This young dog fox was spotted wandering alone by the side of the road, and had obviously been abandoned. Looking a little worse for wear they took him in and looked after him and got him looking far better for himself. However, not having the time to continue to care for him they asked us if we would like to take him on.

Of course, I knew the man for the job... it may not be a wildcat, but its the next best thing for keeper Richard!

Rich has taken on the task of continuing to rear this cub, and has given him the name "Snoop". Once ready Snoop will be heading off to another wildlife centre, possibly the Isle of Wight Zoo, to pair up with the vixens we are sending over there in a few weeks time.

In the mean time, keep your eyes open for Snoop around the centre next time you are here.

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