Monday, 19 September 2011

Fox in Snow

Thank you to all of you who have come up to me or messaged me one way or another to congratulate me on being one of the finalists int he Countryfile competition.

The above photo of "Fox in Snow" I took last December in the snow we had, won the "In all weathers" category to become one of the finalists, and feature in the Countyfile calender which will be on sale to help raise money for children in need.

I was not able to put it up on the blog before today, for fear of making it look like I was trying to manipulate the public voting which closed last night. Over all winner will be announced in 3 weeks time on the programme, and of course we all have our fingers crossed at the Centre.

It's extra special for me as the photo is of Pickles. One last moment for her in the limelight after she sadly passed away earlier this year.

Thank you again, and coming up later this week... new otter arrival news.


  1. Congratulations Matt, I thought I recognised the pic.

  2. The picture and name both rang a bell but I didn't recognise them out of context. Congratulations - fingers crossed that you're the big winner.

  3. You & Pickles were robbed Matt!


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