Thursday, 15 March 2012

Ol' Blue 'Ol No More

A quick update on the progress of the water vole island... and something I know you photographers will be excited about. The blue tubing has been replaced!

At long last you say. It was always my intention that the blue tube would only be temporary, but of course as time goes by and new jobs crop up they got forgotten about. Re doing the island these past two weeks has given us the time to replace them properly, and replant up areas of the island.

So, now we have done this for you, I expect to see some cracking vole pics going up on flickr over the coming months.

The island is now ready to go, and we will be placing new water voles out there for this weekend coming. It may take them a while to settle in to their new home, but then there is still one left out there which eluded our catching who has been brilliant at posing while we have been working away.

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