Tuesday, 6 November 2012

BWC Photo Competition 2012

The Summer season is now over, and we are no longer open to the general public at the weekends. Of course we are still busy with school  bookings and photography groups until we open for the week after Boxing Day, and for those of you that have a major withdrawal of seeing our animals we have the Members Lunch Club running every week from next week.

But in the short term, why not have a look back through all your photos you have taken over the past year and enter a few into our photographic competition!

Due to a slight delay in our Winter Newsletter going out this year, it was decided to push the closing date for entries back by two weeks to Friday the 30th of November to allow readers of this a week to enter. This now gives you plenty of time to sort and enter you favourite images of the year to try and win an exclusive day here at the Centre, and gain some photographic opportunities not available on our normal days when we have a group in.

For more details have a look at the tab above to rind out about the categories etc, but for now all you need to remember is you now have until Friday the 30th of November to submit your best pictures.

Good Luck!

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