Monday, 10 December 2012

BWC Photo Comp; "FAUNA FUN" Shortlist

Next up is the short list for our "Fauna Fun" category. This was a new category for 2012, and provided us with much fun whilst sorting through the various images.  Perhaps unsurprisingly our squirrels were the most popular animal for this category, with around half of the submitted photos being of them.

Many didn't have the required title/caption for this category, but still there were plenty to choose from to come up with the final 10 images below...

"Fauna Fun" Shortlist for BWC Photo Comp, 2012

"Honest, the one that got away was this big!" - DunjenS - submitted via flickr

 "Cold Feet" - Mark Holme - submitted via email

 "Red squirrels ride invisible motorbikes" - Andrew Bertram - submitted via flickr

 "I can give you another ten seconds" - Malcom Biles - submitted via flickr

 "Does my bum look big in this?" - Flowersnow - submitted via flickr

 "Salmon fillet, this big, please!" - Peter Trimming - submitted via flickr

 "I was first, No I was first, No I was first..." - Layzee66 - submitted via flickr

 "Did you get a good shot of me?" - Matt Caldwell - submitted via email

 "Close enough?" - Peter Trimming - submitted via flickr

"Out foxed" - Samantha Jarret - submitted via email

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