Friday, 8 February 2013

New Wildcat

This past week has seen us welcome another new wildcat to the family. Last weekend we collected a young male cat, who we have named "McTavish", from the Highland Wildlife Park in Kingussie, Scotland.

Our plans are to eventually introduce him to our female cat Kendra in the hope that they will breed and produce kittens this year.

For now we currently have him housed off display while he settles in, but hope to have him on display for the February half term. Once he is out in his new enclosure, I will try and bring some photos of him to the blog


  1. Certainly looks "wild" !!!
    Best of luck with him, I was at BWC last year on one of your photography days, and was so pleased to see one of the wildcats fairly up close and get photos. Will be back again one day...!!!

  2. Looking forward to meeting McTavish at half term. Hope he comes out to see us and gives us a wild greeting!


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