Sunday, 26 October 2014

Autumn Half Term

Just a reminder to you all that we are open everyday next week for the Autumn half term. So that is everyday from now until the Sunday the 1st of November, after which we are then open every weekend as usual (and for the first time this winter).

This week is the last week of our summer season of keeper talks, and so your last chance to listen to and hear about pine martens, hedgehogs and badgers until the spring of next year. Our winter season of talks will begin the weekend of the 8th/9th of November.

Our "quiet" season, where we have less booked in, seems to be getting shorter every year. We are fully booked until the end of November for this year with bookings beginning in February of 2015! Good news of course, but only gives us two months to get our major jobs done. For the keepers this means hard work as usual, and we will be going around all the pens giving them the once over in terms of thinning out branches on trees and refreshing bark chip etc.

But for next week it is business as usual with the public being here, and the weather is looking good so hopefully we will get to see many of you here.

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