Monday, 26 January 2015


Another day, another winner announced... Today it is for the "Animals and their Keepers" category. You know the score with the links below, check them out... but only after looking at the winning and runner up photo below.

Thanks to David Llyod for picking the winners.

So here we go, the WINNER of the "ANIMALS AND THEIR KEEPERS" section of our competition...

"Coochie coo" by Dave Burden

David says - "This one was the only one which I felt showed a close intimacy between the keeper and the subject. That and the warm side lighting made this the standout one for me in this category."

Well done Dave, great photo, and you win a membership to the Centre for a year plus a place in our coffee shop gallery for 2015.

And my runner up?..

"Red squirrel lady" by Zena Saunders

Zena's photo of Meg with the red squirrels. This sums up the relationship and trust the animals have with us keepers in one shot, as well as showing the beauty of our walkthrough enclosure and the experience you get when visiting. 

Zena's photo will appear in our coffee shop gallery for 2015 alongside the other 11 winner and runner ups.

See you back in a couple of days for the "Animals in Motion" winners. Well done once again to Dave and Zena, and as always thanks to David Llyod.


  1. Pleased to see that David Lloyd is choosing what I think are the best photos from the short lists of 10 in each category.

    People said previously that they didn't think that some of the photos that were short-listed were very good - and didn't fit the brief - and David has backed that up really by saying ""This one was the only one which I felt showed a close intimacy between the keeper and the subject" re the winner in the 'Animals & Their Keepers' category. But as most people say, it is all subjective.

    1. As I've said before, but first time on this post, we could only shortlist from the photos that had been entered and did so not only on the photo but how it fit the brief. Surprised to see how you interpreted Davids comment, not once did he say the other photos were not good!

      Anyway, pleased that David has chosen what you think are the best photos for each category so far too.


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