Wednesday, 28 January 2015

BWC Photo Comp, "ANIMALS IN MOTION" Winner!

Today we announce the winner of the "Animals in Motion" category. Some great photos in this one, and below is David Lloyd's choice for the winner.

So here we go, the WINNER of the "ANIMALS IN MOTION" section of our competition...

"Otter" by David Nunn

David says - "I know how difficult it can be to achieve this picture, but David has managed it well here. Having the focus on the right spot on a fast moving subject and the clean lush background are two factors which made this a pick for me"

Congratulations to David Nunn for this winning photo. His photo has won him a years membership to the Centre, and a place in our coffee shop gallery for 2015!

And my runner up?..

"The rut begins" by Bobs Photography

I always enjoy looking at the photos in the "Motion" category, and this year this one caught my eye. You can feel the motion in it, and almost see the deer moving across the picture. Albus chasing off Olivander, with the hinds in the background watching on... it tells a great story.

Well done Bobs Photography, this picture will be on display in our gallery alongside the other 11 chosen photos.

Next one in a couple of days. Congratulations again to David and Bobs, and thanks to David Llyod.


  1. Congratulations David & Bob, got me inspired to revisit the center : )

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