Friday, 30 January 2015


And so we arrive to the two most popular, in terms of entries, categories. Today we share with you the winner of the "Animals in their habitat" category. Winner chosen by David Llyod.

So here we go, the WINNER of the "ANIMALS IN THIER HABITAT" section of our competition...

"At home with a Muntjac" by Zena Saunders

David says - "This was a clear winner, while the others were also good, this one stopped me longer than the others. The colours are wonderful, and the natural frame of the grass, tree trunks and branches above complete this image of a muntjac in it's environment. The wider field of view is often as important as the subject itself."

Zena wins a years membership to the Centre and a place in our coffee shop gallery with this image above. Well done!

And my runner up?..

"Fox" by Joanne Iredale

I found it difficult to pick the runner up from what has always been my favourite category over the years. But this year my eyes kept going back to this photo of Flo. A lovely picture of her yawning in the sun, beautifully placed in her habitat and with great composition. Well done Joanne.

Joanne's photo will appear in our coffee shop gallery for 2015 alongside the other 11 winner and runner ups.

Well done to Zena and Joanne, and as always thanks to David for picking his winner.

Next up the last category... Animal Portaits.


  1. Well done Zena, great image!

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