Sunday, 1 February 2015

BWC Photo Comp, "ANIMAL PORTRAIT" Winner!

Here we are, the final category to be announced, and the most entered category with over 150 photographs submitted. And no surprise... who doesn't like a good animal portrait! Thanks to David for choosing the winner.

So here we go, the WINNER of the "ANIMAL PORTRAIT" section of our competition...

"Barn Owl" by Peter Karry

David says - "This one was one of about four really good ones and it was hard to pick one winner. It is the composition, soft colours, and very complimentary background that made this the one to pick."

Congratulations to Peter! Peter wins a membership to the BWC for a year and his photo above will be in our coffee shop gallery for 2015!

And my runner up?..

"I've got my eye on you" by Helen Hooker

Could it be any other? This caught my eye right from the start. A stunning portrait of the worlds most photographed fox. Not only is this a technically good photo, it has also caught not only the impression of the sly old fox, but the personality of the individual... Frodo... all in this look. Brilliant!

Look out for Helen's photo in our coffee shop gallery, alongside Peter's and the other 10 chosen pictures. 

So, well done to Peter and Helen once again. Thanks to David Llyod for choosing his winners, and all that is left is to announce the overall winner in a couple of days. Good luck to the 6 category winners!

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