Sunday, 15 February 2015

1st Adder Sighting of 2015

You know how much I like our adders, and so I just had to nip back post this photo to share with you of our first adder sighting of 2015! Taken about midday today.

I was walking out of our red squirrel enclosure, after failing to get a photo of one of our squirrels on the new ropes we have put up, and saw a photographer photographing something in our adder pen... I thought he can't possibly be photographing nothing, and sure enough when I had a look in he pointed out one of our male adders happily basking in the sun!

So there you go, the milder weather of the past two days has brought one of our adders out today... if this weather continues we may well see the other two males make an appearance too. Keep your eyes peeled.

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