Friday, 6 February 2015

Photo of the Month

Following on from our Competition announcements, let me introduce you to what I am hoping to do this year to share some of the wonderful photographs taken from around the British Wildlife Centre by our visitors.

I have already mentioned, that it is a real shame that we are not running out competition again this year. Having set it up 5 years ago, it had grown year on year, receiving over 600 entries last year and international recognition! However, the decision has been made to put it on hiatus, so with this in mind I have been trying to think on what I can do to still showcase some of your images. This is where my "Photo of the Month" idea has come from...

We have 12 photos in our visitors gallery from the winners and runner-ups of our competition, therefore next year we will have 12 empty frames... one per month you could say! So what I will be doing is choosing my favourite photo that I have seen that month and sharing it with you all here on this blog (with the photographers permission of course).

There are a lot of place that photos of our animals crop up... flickr, 500px, instagram etc, and although I do look at all these from time to time, it will of course be impossible for me to see them all. Therefore if you have taken a photo you are particularly proud of, why not email it in to the Centre.

I will be looking for photos that catch my eye and make me look at it longer. They may not necessarily be the best photo of that month I have seen, but will be one that stands out for one reason or another. The first photo of one of our new arrivals, a photo showing off some unusual behaviour rarely seen, or just a simple but good animal portrait... anything goes as long as it was taken here at the British Wildlife Centre.

Each month I will share this photo with the photographers permission, and link back to their website or gallery. It will also then take up a place in our coffee shop gallery for 2016!

At the end of the year I will ask a professional photographer to pick their favourite out of the 12, and that person will win a photographic day voucher to redeem here at the Centre.

So there you go. If you have any ideas let me know, but I am hoping this will be a nice way to keep the visitors gallery going in the coffee shop, and still showcase some of your lovely photos. My January photo has already been chosen, and will be posted early next week!


  1. That'll be me signing up as a member then on my next visit! Great idea!

  2. Hi Matt,

    Do the photos need to have been taken during the current month - or are any BWC photos ok to submit?

    1. Hello,

      You automatically submit them just by sharing them on our BWC flickr group, 500px group etc etc... but if you have one you are particularly fond of by all means email it in to our main office.

      I will try to pick a photo I think has been taken that month, but of course sometimes it is difficult to tell.



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