Tuesday, 3 February 2015

BWC Photo Competition. OVERALL WINNER!

"At home with a Muntjca" by Zena Saunders

Congratulations to "Zena Saunders" for winning our 2014 Photographic Competition with her image of a Muntjac in Copse.

With over 600 entries, shortlisted down to a final 60, professional wildlife photographer David Llyod chose his category winners, from which we picked this beautiful photo taken by Zena as the overall winner. Zena wins an exclusive photographic day here at the Centre, where she will be the only photographer here, allowing us to taylor the day more to what Zena is looking for.

David Llyods comments were... "This was a clear winner, while the others were also good, this one stopped me longer than the others. The colours are wonderful, and the natural frame of the grass, tree trunks and branches above complete this image of a muntjac in it's environment. The wider field of view is often as important as the subject itself."

My thoughts... "A beautiful photograph of one of our most overlooked animals and showing you don't always need the animal to fill the frame to make the shot. The colours are vivd, the lighting is stunning and the overall composition is just right, placing this animal in her habitat perfectly. A standout photo from the start, and a deserved overall winner!"

Well done again to Zena. You, and all the category winners and runner ups, will here from us shortly with information on your prizes etc.


  1. Congratulations to Zena.
    And if you had to pick a runner up from all of the winners and runners up, what would it be...?


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