Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Wildlife Pond

As you come in to the Centre, just on the right hand side past our giant hedgehog, we have a small area which we plant up as wildflower every year. Not only does this give this area a bit of colour, and welcome you all to the Centre, it also provides vital habitat to much of our wildlife.

I will post photos when it is in full bloom, but for some that were not aware... behind these wildflowers we have a small wildlife pond. It is only the size of approximately four dustbin lids, but just goes to show what you may be able to do even in your own back garden to help wildlife. We have recently given this pond a little bit of a tidy, ready for the new spring to arrive.

While tidying the pond we realised our bird feeders were a bit beaten from the years of use, so have replaced these with new ones for the birds to enjoy. Hopefully we can get the camera working on these again and have the feeding birds shown on the screen in the coffee shop like we did many years a go. Our DVD has proved popular, but is a little out of date now :-)

What with the wildflower, bird feeders, wildlife pond and areas of this section left unmanaged and untamed... it just goes to show that even on a small scale you can create a wildlife haven for wildlife, you don't have to go to the extremism of our 26 acre nature reserve. Just leave a corner of your garden un tidy and see what turns up!

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