Friday, 13 February 2015

Feb Half Term, Opening

Don't forget.. next week we are open every day of the week, as well as the usual weekend, due to half term!

The last few weeks and months have seen us make the most of the quieter time, in terms of bookings, to get on top of some of the tidying of the enclosures. Throughout the year we keep on top of it all, but are limited in time, so over the winter days we can make use of the extra time to really give it all a fresh start for the new year.

Trees have been trimmed back in all the enclosures, the nature reserve has been tidied and the water vole island has had a bit of a sorting too.

While the snakes are hibernating, it allows us to give their enclosures a spring clean too without disturbing them. The adders above is now ready for their dancing in a couple of months...

...and hopefully the grass snakes is a little clearer. Still providing them with plenty of cover, but making it a little easier for you to see them too.

I've just realised the choices of photos were possibly not the best... the water voles and snakes may not be active enough to reliably see them for a good few more weeks :-)

But our Highland cows are... they have settled in really well, and are now out on our nature reserve. The best place to view them from is wetland board walk. But if they are too far off in the distance, then a quick trip to our second car park offers another place to see them from.

And our red squirrels are as busy as usual, especially around the morning feed at 10.30am. This past week we have introduced a huge network of ropeways, over 200m worth, for them to explore and enjoy another way of traversing their walkthrough enclosure.

Maybe see you over half term.


  1. Wow, everything looks amazing. You`ve all been working very hard. ;) x

    1. Thanks Moi... the squirrel rope in particular took bloody ages!.. 220 metres worth in one bit! :-)

  2. Looks good Matt. I must get my legs working and pay a visit.

  3. Hope the adders are still out over the weekend... hoping to get over! Just an observation.... New lens Matt?

    1. Hi Bobs,

      No... fisheye on the Nikon for the above :-)

      See you at the weekend.



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