Wednesday, 11 February 2015

New Polecats

We have had a few new polecat arrivals over the last few weeks. I am sure you all remember Mags and her kits, well her kits have now been successfully released in to the wild and Mags is going in to retirement. Our other pair... the male Storm sadly passed away a little while a go, Velvet being an old girl now, we decided to let her retire too. So this has given us space for two new pairs of polecats.

So we have welcomed Whitstable and Oriel, who are currently off display. They have yet to be paired up, but we will do so over the coming weeks, and then hopefully they will become our new young breeding pair.

Our second pair is Billy and Roxie, you can see Billy above in the photo. They are happily living together but are not a proven breeding pair... Fingers crossed they may too have a litter this year. But either way Billy has been great in coming out for people to see him.

Keep your eyes open for them next time you are here.

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