Tuesday, 9 June 2015

BWC Baby Boom

Lots of youngsters currently around the Centre. Perhaps the most fun, and what many people have been camping out to see, are our red squirrels!

We have had two litters of kittens, both of which have been born in our nest boxes this year. One litter in each of the holding pens. The ones in the left are at the age where they are just poking their heads out of the boxes, but the ones int he right are now up and about and exploring the whole of the Copse. Here is one above who has found some food on a feeding platform.

A little earlier than usual, our red deer have started to calf. As of yesterday we currently have two, but expect a few more will drop before the end of the month.

 Rabbit kittens in our hedgerow are providing much excitement for our schools groups who visit, and they are really bold this year. Often sitting out, and one who normally runs out and sits in the feed tray as soon as they are fed in the afternoon.

And another really exciting litter. Our new pair of polecats, Whitstable and Oriel, have had a litter of 5 kitts. This is the first time they have been paired up, so nice to see them breed in their first year.

Updates on all of these over the coming weeks of course, and later this week the announcement of a couple of other new baby arrivals which are very exciting!

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