Monday, 15 June 2015

More Babies!

I mentioned at the end of the last post that a couple of other new arrivals are here at the Centre. Perhaps most excitingly is our new little owl chick, pictured above. 

We have only had a breeding pair of little owls here at the Centre for a couple of years, and after building their purpose built enclosures last year, it is fantastic news that they have bred in the first full year in their new home.

This little one has been removed to be hand reared and join our flying time. It will be nice to eventually have two of each flying owl in the team, so this little one will join up with Scrappy as our little owl members. 

This little owl chick will be hand reared by Lucy, but it will be a good week or so until he starts coming out to meet our visitors... so don't expect to see him this weekend!

Another new arrival is this young stoat. He came in as a rescue, and has needed quite a bit of care. He is doing well now though and fingers crossed he will continue to thrive and grow.

And although not a baby, we have also recently been looking after a rescued bat. This pipistrelle has a badly damaged wing, but our new Bat Lady, Daisy, has done a great job in looking after him and healing his wounds. Unable to return to the wild he is now making the transition to live in our nocturnal house, hence the temporary mesh cage in their you may have seen.

As with the others, we will keep you updated on how they are settling in.

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