Friday, 16 October 2015

Otter Cubs

Photo taken by Alan K Jones

It seems the word is out, rumours are spreading, and so I guess it is time to officially announce that we do have a couple of new young otter cubs here at the Centre!

Emmy, our female in the main pond, has given birth to two healthy young cubs. They are just over 4 weeks old, and last week had their health check to make sure they were all ok and sex them. At the same time our vet, Alan Jones, microchipped them.

So what do we have?.. One of each, a male and a female, and the first female that Emmy has given birth to!

Photo taken by Alan K Jones

This is exciting news of course, but please don't all come rushing to the Centre to see them. Emmy is being a good mum, and keeping them well hidden within her holt. I imagine they won't be venturing out for at least a few more weeks, usually around two months is when we start to see them exploring. Of course I will let you know when we do start seeing them out and about, and I would guess that would be sometime towards the end of November.

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