Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Red Deer Rut

You may have heard a little bit of lack lustre roaring at the weekend from our Master Stag, Albus Dumbledeer... well yesterday he was in full swing and on top form. I went out to keep an eye on them for a little while in the afternoon, and he put on a good display. Lots of roaring!..

More roaring!..

Chasing away the other stags...

Even more roaring!..

And even a little bit of mating.

This will continue for another week or so, and although I saw no clashing of antlers yesterday... I did hear some rutting the other morning, but it was too misty to see anything. Olivander may very well give it another go later in the season when Albus is beginning to fatigue.

If you want to try and see some posturing, chasing and roaring this weekend coming could be a good time to visit.

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