Friday, 9 October 2015

September's Photo of the Month

"Harvest Mouse Peeking Out" by Andrew Fletcher

I hadn't forgotten, don't worry, here is my photo of the month for September!

Last month saw a variety of images shared around the internet, no one particular animal seemed to stand out as a favourite, but we had the usual high standard of pictures to look through. Most of our visitors photographs seem to be shared on our Flickr group, but we saw a lot crop up on our twitter feed these past few weeks which was great to see!

September is the first month after the summer opening, meaning we saw a number of images shared not only taken from when we are open to the public but also from some of our dedicated photographic days. It is from one of these days that this lovely photo of a harvest mouse was taken by Andrew Fletcher.

I love animals, and when it comes to our own British mammals I am truly passionate! One of the things that amazes me the most is the adaptations they have, and this beautiful photo does a great job in showing our smallest mammal, the harvest mouse, in its element. The prehensile tail anchoring him in place, the opposable thumbs allowing him to grip on the stem and ear of corn, and the corn itself showing how small this mouse really is. To capture this is fantastic, add to that the great composition and detail in the mouses face makes this my photo of the month.

Well done Andrew. As with the other chosen photos of the months, Andrews picture will be on display in our coffee shop gallery over the course of next year, and he will be in with a chance to win a photographic day here at the Centre if chosen as the winner by our professional photographer later this year.

To see more of Andrew Fletcher's photographs, follow the link in his name to his flickr page.

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