Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Dancing Adders

Our "dancing" adders have been a little lack-luster this year. The first weekend after I mentioned it to you all they put on a great show, but since then very little has been seen. Possibly the weather has slowed them down, but the males are definitely showing less interest in each other.

That first weekend was really good though, both Saturday and Sunday morning they were on top form and I have seen many photos pop up around the internet.

Photos are great, especially of rare behaviour such as this, but to really convey the beauty and motion you need to see it in action. So check out this amazing video that was sent to me of our adders dancing that weekend!

This video was taken by Bobs, a regular visitor to the Centre. She took some other clips too which you can see if you follow the link in her name to her youtube page.

Thanks for sharing Bobs... I think we may have seen the last of it for this year, but if they do show a reprise then I will of course let you all know.

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