Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Long Eared Owl Chick

Let me introduce you to "Leo", our new long eared owl. He was hatched out here at the Centre by our pair of long eared owls a few weeks a go.

L-e-o is a long-eared-owl, and is the first we have bred at the Centre. He will be reared so that he will get used to visitors, photographers and the like and be able to be used as an inspirational, educational owl... no pressure Leo!

Will he join our flying team? Time will tell... we don't just allow any ol' owl to join. You won't see any of ours just sit there ignoring us when we call, flying in to the aviary instead of into the arena, flying in the wrong direction or deciding to walk around instead of fly!... So if he can pass our strict flying standards then maybe :-)

So who has the task of rearing this little guy?.. Meg has stepped in to the role of mother. Keep an eye open when here at the weekend. If Meg is on duty, you may well see her wandering around with Leo in her arms.

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