Wednesday, 25 May 2016

New Arrivals

We have welcomed a couple of new arrivals over the past couple of weeks. Just over a week a go a new female roe deer came from Wiltshire Wildlife Rescue. They had rescued this doe as a young fawn, but unfortunately she was too tame to release back in to the wild. We offered her a home here to join up with ours. We have named her "Willow" after the old doe we used to have, and she is a real stunner!

It took her a few days to settle, but she is now at home with the others. She is less shy too, so it should be easier for you all to spot one of our roe deer now. Please do spend the time to try and see her next time you are here. Roe deer are beautiful animals, shy, elusive, solitary and almost magical when you are privileged to see a glimpse in to their world.

We have a pair of roe deer on our reserve, occasionally seen out during the day, and often seen by myself and Bess in the early morning. So keep your eyes open when down on our boardwalk for these too, as well as the abundance of birdlife.

Another rescue, this time from Folly Rescue Centre. This albino grey squirrel is called "Polly" and was hand reared by one of their volunteers after being abandoned in a cardboard box. Needing a safe place to call home, we welcomed her to the Centre to live alongside our other grey squirrels... including our other albino, Eddie.

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  1. Polly is beautiful! I have never seen an albino squirrel.


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