Friday, 6 August 2010

Badger cubs

Some of you most recent visitors may have noticed that we have removed the 3 young badger cubs from our display sett. Humbug successfully gave birth to them at the end of March this year, and has looked after them extremely well. Unfortunately however, over the last couple of months, they have just seemed to have stopped growing. They are fully weaned, but Humbug is not taking them to get their food... in fact it seems she is fed up of them and has not missed them since we took them away.

For this reason we decided to take them out and house them in a separate enclosure, just so we can keep an eye on them and feed them up. We have housed them next to our other young orphaned cubs so they can start getting used to each other. The plan is to eventually, when the three young cubs have grown, to introduce them to the other 2 cubs to make a small clan. They will then be released into our semi-wild sett out on the nature reserve early next year. Here, hopefully, they will remain fairly tame for us to call out for photographers and possibly even offer badger watch evenings next Summer.

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