Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Otter update

Our 3 otter cubs born to Thistle on the 7th of July are all doing very well. In fact today for the first time I opened up the observation holt so people can walk through again and actually see the cubs sleeping in their den. All are fit and healthy, and mum is doing a great job.

There are 2 females and 1 male, the same as her litter last year. Please if you do come along to see them keep nice and quiet as you walk through so as not to disturb them. Having only been opened for a couple of hours this afternoon and on going back to check up on them I noticed some people had been trying to get them to stir and wake up. If this becomes a problem I will have to close the holt off again.

In other mustelid news, our three baby badgers born to Humbug will be taken off display later this week to feed up and prepare to introduce to our two reared orphaned cubs. And our pine martens Bonnie and Clyde have been seen (and heard!) mating.

More news on both of these later in the week.

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