Monday, 16 August 2010

New Keepers

After 10 months of travelling the world, Richard has realised I was right all along and that there is no better wildlife than British Wildlife! He has rejoined our full time keeping team and has slotted straight back into the role as if he had never been away.

Richard couldn't wait to get back to work and in particular to see our wildcat kittens. Being careful not to lose a finger or an eye he is already back in business by educating the public at our keeper talks.

At the same time as taking Richard on full time, we have taken Katie on full time too. Katie has been with us for many years part time, and now having completed her degree is looking forward to staying with us full time.

In other keeper news we say a big thank you, and a farewell to Kate Ford. She has helped us out part time over the last few months, but is now venturing off to the far east before returning to continue her studies.

We wish Kate all the best on her travels, and good luck for the future.

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